The Wilton High School seniors who worked as interns for GOOD Morning Wilton put together several profiles of people around town modeled on the well-known series, “Humans of New York.” Today, the first in the series, we meet Guy Monteleone, the owner of Arena Hairstyling in Wilton Center. 

I moved to Wilton in 2000 because my uncle retired and I took over the shop for him. It will be 16 years in October. I moved to Wilton because it is a nice town, nice people, and I’ve been dealing with the Wilton people for almost 30 years. They used to come to New Canaan and I would cut their hair, so I knew most of them. When I moved to Wilton, I fit right in. I know a lot of the people. I have enjoyed being here for 16 years and I hope I will be here for a long time to come. I always try to give back to the community and to get to know everybody, and become part of the town. My best experience here is when I did the fundraiser for the little girl Lyla [Theoharides], and the whole town came together and had a silent auction and everybody came together for her.