Forget the lion, March seems to have come in like a polar bear.

Before today the Wilton school district has had six delayed openings, four snow days and one early dismissal. Except for last week, there wasn’t a Monday that wasn’t disrupted by the weather (or a national holiday) since January 12.

Our plow bills and fuel consumption are at all-time highs and we’ve gone back to the store repeated times this winter for snow melt. Speaking of stores, we’ve raided the markets for milk and bread, and picked the shelves clean way too many times to count.  Our gutters are filled with ice, wreaking havoc as interior leaking has damaged walls, floors and more. Our pipes are freezing, and bursting, and the power has gone out once or twice.

This messy Monday routine has really gotten old.

Sunday’s snow was heavier than predicted. Even the National Weather Service got it wrong, with more than just the predicted 1-inch falling through the day and more predicted overnight. Instead, most of the snow fell throughout the day Sunday, making travel on the roads a nightmare, becoming increasingly worse as the day wore on. Plows were scarce and accidents were reported on I-95 and the Merritt parkway, which would up not only seeing exit 40-B closed due to icing, but was closed entirely southbound as a disabled vehicle blocked all traffic by 8 p.m.. All told, Wilton got between 5-6 inches of new snow.

If we could wish it away, I’m sure many of us would.

Frustration is running high, especially among many of the parents in town. With so much disruption to schedules and learning, the need to rearrange childcare and deal with transportation woes, not to mention hazardous driving conditions, this winter has proven to be one of the more challenging in recent memory.

We asked for reader thoughts on the snow, and boy did you respond. Here’s what some of you had to say:

Years ago, when I was a stay at home mom, I didn’t mind snow days at all. Sleep in, stay in pj’s…go sledding with the kids. But now I have an office to get to, and a Monday morning meeting schedule to consider every time one of these Sunday night storms comes through! It’s a logistical hassle, and although I’m able to work from home when it’s necessary, I’m not nearly as productive. — Karen Sackowitz

Exhausted at the thought of another school delay or cancellation. We moved from Chicago and, even though the winters there are *much* worse than here in terms of snow accumulations and temperatures, we barely had 1 or 2 snow cancellations. I guess midwesterners are tougher than easterners! — Kathy Dhanda

I feel for the educators because this all really messes up their teaching plans, I am sure! — Diane Maudsley

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss’ birthday! As a kindergarten teacher, I am really hoping they get us in tomorrow. The green eggs and ham are all ready to go! — Gianna Fiorentini

Imagine the excitement while buzzing around town on the first warm day of Spring. We will all have a new appreciation for sure. This has got to be the last storm. — Donna Savage

Please make it stop! I can’t take our CA friends and family rubbing it it any longer! — Zarena Concepcion Marcus

Nothing I have to say belongs on a PG website. — Michele Seigerman Bennett

Kill me now…. — Kristen Stieber Schestag

Perhaps Lee Aydelotte‘s response captures what a lot of people are feeling. She simply posted this picture:

white flag

For sure there are Wilton residents happy about the white stuff. It’s a safe bet to assume they tend to be younger though–much younger.

“I like snow days, they’re fun. You go sledding, there’s no school. I jump out of bed and think, ‘Yay!’ It’s more fun for me,” said one Cider Mill 3rd grader.

There are some grownups who don’t mind the snow, either.

In perspective it’s just snow and that’s our winter. — John Schiaroli

Bring it on–anything to avoid waking up for the Cider Mill bus! — Tara Thompson

Last year was our first winter here and I thought I moved to the south with all the snow chaos. I’ve adjusted to the culture of closing/delay we have here. I love not having to set the alarm clocks!!! — Vanessa Hoffman Elias

Virtually everyone has all wheel drive, the buses have chains. Look at other states with worse winters that don’t close. We close too easily. — Paul James Lourd

I like snow days. I’m fortunate to be able to work from home when the roads are bad, so they are not overly burdensome (and I’d rather not drive when the roads are bad). But I always feel like they’re sort of a gift. As long as we have power! — Alison Conroy

Love it. I’d rather see a shimmering snow covered countryside then dead, brown decaying leaves and bare trees. Spring might be 20 days away but it’s not tell the end of April when we really see trees and flowers in bloom. — Jennifer Passudetti Jacobs

There were several commenters who, like Michelle Tichauer Fanwick, thought, “The priority should be safety!”

I don’t mind the cold, or the delays, or the increased heating costs. What I do mind is the danger that we put ourselves in to get to work or school. Sometimes ice on the roads and there is nothing you can do..,even with 4 wheel drive. It seems I have my heart in my throat every Monday morning. — Mary Gerardi Aly

Although I’m not particularly crazy about the quantity of delays and closings, it is for the sake of safety. With no sidewalks and 6 foot piles of snow blocking visibility at a lot of bus stops I think it’s wise to be cautious when we have kids standing on icy roads waiting for buses. — Megan LaBant Abrahamsen

But perhaps it’s best to follow the lead of a few commenters who decided to approach the prospect of another snow disruption with humor…and of course, food.

I don’t think I have enough coffee in my house for another snow day, but I do have 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies! — Carolyn Harter Lyon

It’s ok. I’ve got boxes of wine and tons of chocolate to get me through it. — Lisa McKofka Massey

If anyone is looking for GOOD Morning Wilton‘s editorial team today, they’ll be at Lisa Massey’s house!