At a concert Monday night, Dec. 16, the Middlebrook School community paid memorial tribute to a teacher who passed away just last week. The wider community was able to watch that tribute as the school began live-streaming its concerts and making the recorded video available on a new Facebook page.

During Monday evening’s 8th grade orchestra and band concert, music teacher Malcolm Karlan acknowledged that cancer had claimed the life of Dr. Darilyn Manring, who had taught countless Wilton Public Schools‘ orchestra students over the years.

“All of the students on stage here worked with Dr. Manring when they were in sixth grade. Her contributions to this school and to our music program have truly been endless. Everyone on stage has been very lucky to have known her, and very lucky for us that we were able to work with her through her time here. The proper way to thank musicians for their work is through applause so I hope you join me in a thunderous round of applause for all the work that she’s done here,” Karlan told the audience.

The request prompts an emotional standing ovation in Manring’s memory, before the orchestra begins its performance.

The touching moment and the complete concert (as well as the 8th grade chorus performance preceding the orchestra and band concert) are available to view on the school’s new Facebook page, Middlebrook CT Concerts and Assemblies.

The page was created by teacher Michael Gordon, who is both a music teacher and the advisor to the school’s MAVEn (Music Audio Visual Enrichment) Club. Students in the club learn about and practice skills used in running lights, sound, and video recordings for auditorium performances.

During Monday’s concert, the MAVEn students were responsible for all technical aspects of the performance. They made it possible for family and friends to view the concert as it live-streamed via the Facebook page and afterward (see video below).