Here’s the gift you can be sure will always fit–the gift of giving. With so many needy organizations, families and individuals, this time of year can be even harder to make sure that those who don’t have are helped. Making sure we as a community stay connected and can pitch in when needed is part of what GOOD Morning Wilton is all about.

As we enter the season of hype, when times of spirituality and celebration give way to “Holidays on crack”-type consumerism, we’re looking forward to hyping a different kind of celebration–the kind that celebrates humanity and generosity. In this,‘s first year, we’re introducing our “Season of Giving” series. From now through New Year’s Day, we’ll be shining a much-needed light on worthy organizations and people who are making a difference in the lives of others and who could always use a little assistance from you to help realize the mission of compassion and GOOD.

We’ve already got some candidates lined up to highlight. If you know of any other worthy suggestions, please send ’em our way at And we hope you’ll consider everyone we highlight during the series.

Our first article in the series will appear on Monday, so be on the lookout for it.