We couldn’t be prouder to introduce the “GOOD Morning Wilton,” a yummy, healthy, fresh blended juice that was custom-made by The Well Natural Market and added to their menu back in November. We collaborated on it with chef extraordinaire Lori Hughes, who says the tropical concoction has been very popular since she put up the sign for it on the menu board.

“They love it. I would say daily I make at least a couple. Everybody loves it,” she says, noting that on any given day she can make upwards of 50 juices.


Half smoothie, half juice, the GOOD Morning Wilton is made with lime, mango, kale, coconut water, coconut milk, mint and cilantro. Of course, customers can change it up depending on personal taste. For instance, just the other day we even substituted in pineapple when Lori said she was out of mango. (Some people ask her to hold the cilantro—we know, people either love cilantro or hate it.)


“Maybe it’s the lime, lime drinks have been popular lately,” Lori says, adding “anytime it’s combined with mint, it’s so refreshing.”

Wilton nutritionist Farrah Minnich has a practice called Food First Nutritional Therapy, and she consults at The Well every Tuesday. She says about juicing in general, that, “Juices are powerful because they deliver a punch of readily-absorbed, bio-available nutrients to the body that the digestive system doesn’t have to work to break down.”

We asked her what she thought of the drink we had helped The Well create.

“Coconut milk has good, healthy fats.  The herbs are great for cleansing…digestion, detox, but especially for cleansing. Kale has tons of vitamins and phytonutrients, which we can only get from plant foods, and that we need. Coconut water is great for hydration, and has a lot of electrolytes. If you substitute in the pineapple, that has a lot of enzymes which is good for digestion I do like pineapple better because mango is more sugary. Mango has good enzymes too, but pineapple is really great for digestion, it’s full of enzymes, so I like it better,” Minnich explains.

Other benefits about the GOOD Morning Wilton in particular is that it’s dairy-free and gluten-free for anyone concerned about those elements. Of course, there are a wide variety of juices and blended drinks to choose from at The Well, and customers are free to custom-create their own combinations. Customers can also take a card which The Well will stamp for each juice that’s purchased, and will receive one free drink for every 10 purchased.


The Well is located at 33 Danbury Rd.

GOOD Morning Wilton receives no financial compensation from The Well for this or when any GOOD Morning Wilton juice is purchased. 

If you do try the GOOD Morning Wilton, post a picture of you enjoying it on Intagram or Twitter. Tag GOOD Morning Wilton and use the hashtag #GoodMorningWilton. And stay tuned for a fun contest coming soon!

Even first selectman Lynne Vanderslice has said ‘Yes!’ to a GOOD Morning Wilton!