Wilton High School‘s Amnesty International Club is devoted to the mission of raising awareness on human rights issues, and tonight is the club’s biggest event of the year:  Jamnesty. The Amnesty International Club Board–students Ava Kaplan, Molly Foster, Teena Moya and Kate Seelert–have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to set up this event that will take place at Merwin Meadows, Friday, May 26 from 6:30-9:30 p.m..

Jamnesty will feature student musicians, as well as discussions on human rights, with a focus on “My Body My Rights,” a subject which has been Amnesty’s focus topic this past year. Music will be performed by students from all four grades, including seniors Skyler Addison, Walker Dean, Ryan Farinas, Julia Foodman, Steffen Nobles, Lucas Mendola and Ben Senneff.

“We want to have a really fun time, but also raise awareness for human rights at WHS and in general,” says Foster, a junior and Amnesty co-president on Friday’s event. “I hope we can inspire people and get them interested in human rights issues,” added Moya, a sophomore and the club’s secretary.

“We’re trying to raise awareness on these issues, and we’ll have music performed by students. It’s an event by Wilton High School students, for Wilton High School students,” Moya adds.