UPDATE–June 1, 1:30 p.m.:  Due to expected bad weather, Jamnesty has been postponed. Organizers will announce whether it will be rescheduled at a later date.

As soon as a delirious green and luxurious warmth descends upon Wilton in the spring, Merwin Meadows comes alive with cheerful noise. So when the annual “Jamnesty” performance takes place from 6-9 p.m. this Saturday, June 2 at the park, the joyful combination of vocals, drums, and acoustic guitars won’t feel out of place among the seasonal festivities. Even better, the music will play as a fundraiser for Amnesty International, as the event raises awareness for human rights issues.

The Jamnesty event is organized through the Wilton High School’s Amnesty International Club, and is one of Amnesty International’s most popular fundraisers for various chapters around the world.

Molly Foster, WHS junior and co-president of the Amnesty International club, says Jamnesty has two purposes:  it’s “an event that aims to raise awareness for our club and Amnesty International as a whole [and] it’s for high school students to enjoy music put on by their peers and hang out and have fun!”

Entirely student run, with the exception of club faculty advisors Andrew Colati and Molly Palmer, Jamnesty showcases various student musical acts at Merwin Meadows’ outdoor pavilion, offering a pleasant outdoor ambiance as the sun goes down. Audience members lounge on blankets, munch on pizza, and laugh as they toss frisbees on the grass.

This year, the performance has been diligently organized by the club’s board, including Foster and her co-president Ava Kaplan (‘19), secretary Christina Moya (‘19), treasurer Kate Seelert (‘19), and press secretary Jack Nanez (‘20). The show will feature 6-10 acts. Sophomore club member Sol Wozniak will convey information about current human rights issues between each act, tying together the experience as both entertainment and information.

In addition to featuring the performances, the club will raffle donations from local businesses throughout the show to raise money for the endeavors of Amnesty International. Excluding the raffle, attendance is entirely free.

But there’s more to the event than just free musical entertainment. Organizers say Jamnesty provides attendees with the opportunity to learn more about pressing social issues, whether local or global. Amnesty International’s website describes the organization as “a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally…” and a campaign “… for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.” Amnesty explores a diverse array of issues from armed conflict to freedom of expression rights through research, advocacy and lobbying, and campaigns and action.

So too does Wilton High School’s Amnesty International Club work to empower its members to research and act on issues of interest to enact change while doing so. As summarized by co-president Ava Kaplan, the extension of the organization at WHS “…facilitates discussions about human rights abuses around the globe,” providing a place for students of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and engage in conversation about the changing planet around them.

The Jamnesty event is open to attendees of all ages.