It’s always GOOD news when two Wilton businesses find a way to partner together to serve their customers and boost one another. JoyRide Wilton and Café Ruche have done just that. They’re offering a unique combo spin class/lunch menu on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday at 12 noon where riders can select a choice from the menu before entering the class and lunch will be waiting when class is done.

“Cycle Lunch 45 is designed to offer optimum convenience to hit your workout and get back to your day,” JoyRide Wilton owner Amy Pal says. “Café Ruche is the natural choice because they are so close by, their food is healthy and delicious and we love that they are fitness conscious with the yoga component to their business as well. It’s the perfect synergy.”

“We created a bespoke menu just for Cycle Lunch to ensure it is easily transportable and of course healthy,” adds Barbara Chopin, owner of Cafe Ruche. “The menu features wraps, salad and protein boxes. We are so excited to be partnering with JoyRide Wilton.”

The lunch menu has yummy options such as chicken and kale, Mediterranean and chef salads as well as wraps including veggies and hummus, turkey and avocado.

Pal notes that JoyRide Wilton offers other conveniences for midday riders who are headed to back to work or elsewhere, including locker rooms and showers for both men and women, which are equipped with amenities like towels, luxury shampoo and soap, hair dryers and more.