“I believe that we have been blessed.”

That is what the homeowner in South Norwalk said when asked how she felt about the Wilton Kiwanis HomeFront project that took place last Saturday, May 4 at her home. As done every year, Kiwanians team with friends, descend on a needy home, and perform a wide variety of clean-up, repair, fix-up and maintenance activities.

The team arrived early Saturday and project captain Dr. Kevin Craw was quick to pass out the assignments and set the team to work. “Of all the many community services that our Club performs,” he said, “this one is tops. Going into an ‘in-need’ home, and rendering well over a hundred direct service hours in one day leaves us feeling warm and deeply touched.”

“We have been doing HomeFront projects annually for over 25 years,” noted Kiwanis President Jack McFadden, “and it never ceases to bring tears to our eyes when the homeowner expresses amazement and appreciation. Kiwanians and friends do this this with a sense of community charity, personal human concern and recognition of need. We need more Kiwanians.”

Kiwanis costs to accomplish HomeFront are borne by the Club and valued partnership with the local Bankwell organization. Speaking on behalf of the bank, AVP and marketing manager Lucy French said, “We are proud to be actively involved with community partners like the Wilton Kiwanis Club. As a community bank, we take our role of being a good neighbor seriously, and we work hard to align ourselves with many of the organizations and events that make Wilton such an extraordinary place in which to live and work.”

Kiwanis is the longest serving volunteer organization in Wilton. The Club supports individuals and organizations in need with an emphasis on children. The Club raises funds, distributes contributions and performs physical work to enhance the Town and surrounding areas. And through a common sense of purpose, working together and serving others, they form and keep friendships that last forever.

“I go home tired and paint spattered every time we do HomeFront,” says Kiwanis vice president Greg Chann, “but the feeling inside tells me every minute was truly well worth the effort. We make a difference, and that says it all.”

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