While Kristine Lilly may be a first-time author, she’s a soccer superstar who knows a thing or two (or a thousand) about successful teamwork. The Wilton native has recently published her first book, called Powerhouse:  13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success which she co-authored with management consultant Dr. John Gillis, with academic leader Dr. Lynette Gillis.

Lilly, an Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion, has channeled the principles of teamwork that she has learned through years of being part of some of the most winning teams in history, into a book to help readers in business and life (available on Amazon). To kick off the publication, GOOD Morning Wilton asked Lilly to pay a visit to the place where her success started, and talk about what she started learning when she first began playing soccer here.

During our exclusive interview, Lilly steps onto the field where she once played, which now bears her name. She takes a trip down memory lane to reflects on what she learned here, what Wilton gave her to make her the player and person she is today, and what message she has for kids growing up in Wilton.

“For me there’s all these wonderful memories here, there are so many things this town gave me,” she says, of the town where she helped lead her Warrior soccer team to three CIAC championships.

“I grew up playing team sports, on all these fields in Wilton, whether it was playing soccer, baseball, basketball in the field house. I was always part of a team and it helped me develop as a person. The important part was contributing, everyone had a role, you had an impact on each other–doing with others,” she says, adding that her book title is Powerhouse because that means a team that has “great energy and potential for success.”

For kids growing up in Wilton now, Lilly says no matter if they “can’t wait to get out of Wilton,” someday, “you’ll come back, and you’ll appreciate it more. It really is a great place to grow up–from the education, to the sports, to the people. Enjoy the time you have, this town has been wonderful to me and continues to be. You always look back to where you began and it always did begin here in Wilton, and I’m grateful for that.”

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  1. I don’t know of any other athlete (male or female) who has had the kind of team championship success that Kristine has had at Wilton H.S.; UNC (Chapel Hill); international competition (World Cup and Olympics) and professional soccer! In addition, Kristine has been an incredible role model and an inspiration for a generation of Wilton student-athletes and many others from around the world. Thank you for your thoughtful insights and best of luck with your new book – well done!.

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