To the Editor,

This year, the Town’s budget approval and mill rate-setting process has changed since the Annual Town Meeting (“ATM”) is not being held due to COVID-19 restrictions on large public gatherings. In its place, the Board of Selectmen has authorized the Board of Finance to review and approve Fiscal Year 2021 operating budgets and set the Town’s mill rate.

In the past few weeks, the Board of Finance has reviewed both the Board of Selectmen and Board of Education budgets and the resulting mill rate. The Board of Finance has posted to the Town website the FY21 Budget and Mill Rate Recommendation for review and comments from the citizens/taxpayers of Wilton.

The Board of Finance welcomes any comments you have regarding the FY21 budget that might have been formerly been made at the ATM. Please send your comments via email to the Board of Finance before June 1 when we will convene for the Mill Rate Deliberations meeting and formally approve Town/BOS and BOE budgets and officially set the FY21 Mill Rate.


Jeffrey Rutishauser
Board of Finance–Chairman