To the Editor:

A dictionary definition of  ‘Chickens come home to roost’:   “bad or silly things done in the past are beginning to cause problems.”

So, are the chickens coming home to roost in Wilton? One wonders. Consider the following recently reported in our local papers regarding quality of life, taxes, and home sales:

  • Zoning commissioner [Keith] Rodgerson cites “…the burdensome tax burden for our residency here…
    we are an auto-oriented community that’s facing market obsolescence,” and “…the status-quo isn’t working.” [Wilton Villager]
  • Finance Board accuses Likly of using scare tactics” [Wilton Bulletin]
  • Wilton [Public] Schools receives B grade from state,” [Wilton Villager] whilst the Superintendent requests a 2.38-percent increase for ALL school administrators.
  • According to town realtors: “Wilton is a little out of whack, our taxes are too high.” [and] …”people in their 40s [are looking to ‘buy up’ because once their children leave, their ‘sphere of influence is to] move out of town [or move into a condo], sadly, because of the taxes.’” [and] …once Seniors graduate their parents “pack it up” not wanting “to pay these taxes anymore.”
  • ” The Median Home Sale Price Decrease is -29.7%.” [Wilton Bulletin]

Hmmm:  wonder why many Wilton residents clamor for more modest town and BOE budgets, and answers as to the rationale (?) from those Selectmen who voted for a 2.5-percent increase for the new First Selectman?

Many thanks,

Thomas Curtin