Miller Driscoll construction site

To the Editor:

Deception or incompetence?

It is now obvious, even to town officials, that enrollment projections for the Miller-Driscoll project were inflated, especially those for the Pre-K. These estimates were touted as a major reason Wilton needed a $50 million renovation in the run up to the referendum that passed by 27 votes in September 2014.

Wilton is currently constructing a school that will have classrooms that will be empty, excess offices for staff that will not be needed and excess costs in the design due to these unrealistic enrollment estimates. In the last few weeks the first selectman has expressed her concern based on more realistic enrollment projections and the BOE has admitted that Pre-K special education has dropped way below what has been provided in various budgets.

Sensible Wilton has tried to get the town to modify the MD project and recent budgets based on realistic data and changed conditions, but we were not successful. Unfortunately we are now suffering the damage due to the unsubstantiated claims made in past budgets and the educational specifications for the Miller-Driscoll project.

Sensible Wilton has put together a document with exhibits from budget, state, and bonding prospectus documents showing that over six-plus years the town was not provided thorough and accurate data by the Board of Education. The information can be found on our website where you will also find a link to the complete document with exhibits from information provided to the citizens of the town.

You judge for yourself if we’ve been bamboozled.

Alex Ruskewich
Sensible Wilton