To the Editor:

After a 20-year career at Wilton Library, marketing communications manager Janet Crystal has retired. During her tenure, Janet was influential in keeping the community informed of the Library’s services, programs and community activities. Always interesting and informative were her carefully crafted press releases, library announcements, newsletters, Library Lines column, and numerous marketing collateral. Her creative talent led to many publicity awards that Wilton Library received, including several from the Connecticut Library Association. She was also responsible for arranging numerous local media interviews with famous authors, musicians, and other distinguished personalities who visited our library.

Over the years, Janet carefully documented the library’s growth and evolution with thousands of beautiful photographs. She was always behind the camera and therefore infrequently seen in the photographs, except when she and her husband, Dr. Michael Crystal, attended library events, which they enthusiastically supported.

It is with much appreciation that we said farewell to one of our most talented and loyal colleagues. Janet’s contributions to our library have been enormous. Indeed, we have all been beneficiaries of her creativity, hard work and dedication. On behalf of the Wilton Library team, I extend our heartfelt thanks to Janet for 20 years of outstanding service to Wilton Library.

With best wishes for much happiness during her next chapter.

Elaine Tai-Lauria
Executive Director, Wilton Library

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  1. Janet Crystal did an incredible job for the library and she will be sorely missed. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the library and by extension, the broader Wilton community – well done and best of everything going forward. THANK YOU!

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