To the Editor:

I am John Miscioscia, the president of the Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps (WVAC). This year for our annual appeal fundraising letter, I shared my personal experience as a volunteer to appeal for donations from the community.

Being a member in a volunteer organization has been part of my family for decades, and I represent the third generation of such. I’ve been a member of two volunteer services for over twenty years combined. The first was for 15 years prior to my family moving to Wilton and the last six years as part of WVAC. And yes, I took a long break in between volunteering as work and family responsibilities needed to come first. But now, being semi-retired and my kids moving on, I again have time to serve my community as a volunteer.

As a member of a volunteer emergency organization I find it very rewarding to serve my community in their time of need, but it takes a lot of commitment. Wilton is very fortunate that WVAC has members that are willing to make that sacrifice.

Our dedicated volunteers come from all walks of life. Like all of us, they have work and family responsibilities but somehow find the time to volunteer to serve our community. Our volunteers range from high school and college students, to blue and white-collar workers as well as self-employed and retired individuals.

Our members commit anywhere from 25 to 60 shift hours per month. Our volunteers staff the ambulance from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. during the week and around the clock on weekends. They also commit time to attend training and business meetings and to participate in community events.

WVAC responds to about 1,400 emergency calls each year and we have learned that many Wilton residents still don’t know that only a portion of our operating budget is funded by the Town. The majority of our operating expenses are funded through patient billing. Your donation helps us fund the purchase of lifesaving equipment, including new ambulances, train our members and assists us in staying active in the community. Your support and donation will help enable WVAC to continue to provide the vital emergency medical services to the residents and businesses of our community.

WVAC has been providing emergency medical service to the residents of the Town of Wilton since 1976. To make a tax deductible donation to WVAC you can either to do so online via our website or to send a check via U.S. mail; checks can be made payable to the Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps and mailed to 234 Danbury Rd., Wilton, CT 06897. We appreciate and thank you for your loyal support. WVAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

John R. Miscioscia,
WVAC President