Road construction on an Eversource project on New Canaan Rd. has closed the road during daytime weekdays, with the resulting detours frustrating some drivers. (photo: GMW)

One reply on “LETTER: In Response to Highfield Rd. Detour Inconvenience — Reconsider Your Perspective”

  1. I find it very disappointing that the residents of Highfield Rd. are complaining about their road being used as a detour. No one is happy about the construction and the disruption to our lives. I live on Old Kings Hwy and questioned the wisdom of diverting traffic to our road later in the year when construction shifts. I was told by Aquarian this was the most efficient route. I am also concerned with the influx of traffic as I have two small children and a dog, but I am going to grin and bear like the rest of us. Do I wish the construction wasn’t happening, yes of course but it is. I will continue to use the Highfield shortcut as a resident of this neighborhood and am entitled to do so.

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