To the Editor:

I am grateful to all who participated in the Wilton municipal elections. For our community to thrive, participation and engagement is essential in our Town Meeting form of government. It is encouraging that we increased voter turn-out, even if slightly, over the last First Selectman election in 2015.  Thanks to all who campaigned for our outstanding Democratic candidates, the largest and most talented slate our party has ever fielded.

Ideas and issues were brought forward and discussed in a respectful and civil manner. There will be a greater balance in Wilton as Democrats have gained a seat on the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance.

When Wilton’s Charter revision changed the Board of Selectmen terms of office from two to four years, it created staggered terms. Accordingly, there are still two remaining years in my term as a member of the Board of Selectmen. It will be my honor to continue to serve Wilton on the Board of Selectmen with Ross Tartell, who will bring new views and fresh perspectives.

Thanks especially to the Wilton Democratic Town Committee, led by Tom Dubin and the campaign committee co-chaired by Vicki Rossi and Melissa Spohn and all the many volunteers who donated countless hours.

Moving forward for a better Wilton,

Deborah McFadden