To the Editor:

Please support GOOD Morning Wilton’s new membership program.

Do you remember when GOOD Morning Wilton was started and why?  I do.

GOOD Morning Wilton was the brainchild of Heather Borden Herve and it was born out of the premise that there is more GOOD news than bad in our town and it deserves to be highlighted! What a refreshing thought!

GOOD Morning Wilton has been a daily “safe haven” of reality for Wiltonians since its inception and has been courageous in its quest to report GOOD news (and on occasion bad news, when warranted). The courage to report the GOOD and the long hours of being at virtually EVERY major Wilton event comes at a cost that cannot be covered by advertising revenue alone. If you value the timely and comprehensive reporting, as I do, then I urge you to consider participating in GOOD Morning Wilton’s new membership program.

If that isn’t enough for you, consider the impact that GOOD news about Wilton can have on those considering moving to Wilton or investing in Wilton and the impact that can have on our property values and businesses in town.

Supporting GOOD Morning Wilton is GOOD for Wilton so please consider joining your neighbors in participation in their new membership program and in frequenting those business who advertise in GOOD Morning Wilton. It makes a difference for all of us.

Thank you,

Bruce Likly