This was originally submitted as a press release by the Wilton Republican Town Committee. Because it is not Wilton-specific news, and GMW does not typically cover or promote legislative hearings in Hartford, it technically doesn’t fall within GMW’s coverage area, so it’s not being published as a story. Instead, it is being published as a letter to the editor from the Wilton RTC.

To the Editor:

Almost everyone in Connecticut has been affected one way or another by the various public health protocols that have been introduced during the covid pandemic, and individual viewpoints on their efficacy and the need for them vary widely. Gov. Lamont’s emergency powers are scheduled to expire on [Tuesday], Feb. 15, and the legislature will be voting either to extend them, or to codify into law the remaining executive orders he has issued related to the pandemic.

These executive orders cover subjects including vaccination requirements for state employees, state mandates for public schools, and mandates regarding health workers or personal care aides in a variety of settings.

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the state legislature’s Public Health Committee will be holding an online informational hearing on the continuation of Gov. Lamont’s emergency declarations and limited executive orders related to the pandemic.

We felt it was imperative, as a public service, to let Wilton residents know about this hearing, as the level of interest in these subjects is high and the variety of opinions is wide in our community. Legislators and members of the administration in Hartford will be making critical decisions in the next few weeks, and they cannot do so in an informed way without understanding how residents feel about these issues. Wilton residents are articulate, and they have an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the decision process. We hope all Wiltonians, whatever their opinions on these issues may be, will consider testifying at the hearing.


Anyone wishing to testify orally online must register [online] before 3 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 7. Speakers will be, as usual, limited to three minutes. The first two hours of the hearing will be reserved for state officials. To help participants from the public organize their schedules, a randomly established listing of the planned order of speakers will be available online at 6 p.m. on Monday evening. The hearing itself will be broadcast live on and YouTube Live.

Members of the public may also submit written testimony in Word or pdf format via email.

All testimony, whether oral or written, is public information.

Peter Wrampe
Wilton Republican Town Committee

2 replies on “Letter: Residents Invited to Testify to CT Legislature on COVID Mandates and Gov.’s Emergency Powers”

  1. Thanks for the “heads-up” on this session. I will be sure to offer my opinions in support of actions designed to promote the common good.

  2. I am by no means an anti-masker. I and my family have diligently been undercover since Dr. Fauci told us to wear masks, but I’m starting to have some doubts and questions. Speaking of Dr. Fauci, first he told us we didn’t need masks, only healthcare providers needed them. He later confessed that we always needed them, but there weren’t enough. Now there’s enough (think of the revenue factor here) so we have to wear them. Oh, but since we had to improvise with cloth masks when there weren’t enough, suddenly those aren’t good enough, we have to wear surgical/N-95. (Private companies/individuals making masks equals less revenue for big companies/government.) You have to wear a mask in a restaurant but of course you take it off while eating. Does Covid not spread when you’re eating? Why have so many healthcare providers contracted/died from Covid when they are the most diligently and properly masked? Finally, if masks really work, why, just in our state, are 10,000 people dead from Covid?

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