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To the Editor:

Who we send to Hartford matters more than ever. Recent national events, along with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, should be a wake-up call to all of us. We need legislators in Hartford who understand that what happens nationally affects us locally. We need legislators in Hartford who will protect our rights.

The appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, along with a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, has the ability to take away the rights we all enjoy. Women’s reproductive rights are at issue with this election. Before her confirmation hearing, Ms. Barrett promised to overturn Roe v. Wade if the case comes before her. Access to healthcare is an even more immediate issue, as a case involving the ACA comes before the Supreme Court in November. Donald Trump and his Republicans are determined to overturn the ACA in its entirety, which will leave tens of millions across the country without healthcare and will strand even more Americans who have pre-existing conditions. In addition, Ms. Barrett is not a friend of gun safety. She argued against gun safety laws that prohibit felons from owning guns.

This election will not only affect decisions for the months to come but will create massive consequences for decades. Connecticut has the potential to look more like Donald Trump’s America unless we elect state legislators who are committed to protecting reproductive rights, access to healthcare, gun safety, and other principles we rely on.

But there is good news–we still have time to fight for Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas to be our state’s firewall against the policies of Trump Republicans. Will has fought for Wilton and been a voice of reason on these and countless other issues in Hartford. Stephanie has been a local presence in our community for years and has the leadership and fortitude needed to protect our town and state from a harmful right-wing agenda.

We need a new “blue firewall” to protect our rights and to ensure Connecticut remains the state we want, not the state Trump Republicans want.

Now is the time to stand up and support Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas. If we do not, we are opening the door to an agenda that could change many of our most trusted rights and could alter Connecticut for years to come. Stephanie Thomas and Will Haskell are right for Connecticut.

Victoria Rossi
Wilton Democratic Town Committee

One reply on “LETTER [Sponsored]: Who We Elect to go to Hartford Matters More Than Ever”

  1. What Wilton needs is to protect its schools and maintain its ability to control its own zoning, which means it needs a firewall against Democrat policy in Hartford.

    Kim Healy is from Wilton and has promised to support our police and first responders, protect local control of Planning and Zoning Board and oppose forced regionalization of our schools.

    Patrizia Zucaro is a Westport native with 10-years real estate experience. She has pledged to advocate for our town and schools, lower taxes and smarter spending.

    Will Haskell has indicated the State Senate is but a stepping stone to becoming a career politician, for which he already has a progressive voting record. He voted in favor of SB1107, which took away control from local municipalities.

    Stephanie Thomas is relatively new to Connecticut. She does not have the same damaging voting history, but her speeches bely her intent. In the DTC “Wilton Campaign Kickoff” Video with regard to State Zoning charges, she said: “Alarmism does us a disservice…we do not want to scare away new investment from maybe New Yorkers.” She does not explain what that investment means, but Ms. Thomas has many professional ties to New York entities including ComuniLife Affordable Housing and BRC, an affordable housing developer.

    I could not disagree with Ms Rossi more.

    A democrat career-politician, in Will Haskell, and a fundraiser, Stephanie Thomas, with a progressive client list, are that last people to choose to protect Wilton from the Hartford democrat agenda.

    That is why I will confidently vote Row B.

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