To the Editor:

For the past decade, I have enjoyed the natural beauty of Allen’s Meadows. I have walked the paths, observed birds for the brief time my children were into it, lay on the grass in the night capturing photos of the stars and ISS as it passed overhead, and flown boomerangs and remote-controlled planes with my kids while sitting on the field barefoot, just taking it all in. 

I don’t know what indications we have of the town’s collective stomach for a project that aims to cover yet more ground with synthetic materials, possibly light the night with more artificial light, and disrupt the balance of the very mother earth many of us strive to protect with our everyday actions and consumer decisions. Doubly so in these times of economic uncertainty — this $2 million (plus interest?) has to come from somewhere — us taxpayers.

It is my selfish hope that more people see the value in preserving this land rather than developing it, and speak and vote their minds.

Peter Monin