To the Editor:

In today’s heated political dialog, battle lines are drawn and labels fly with ease. Simply claiming to be an environmentalist, let alone assert climate change or global warming, immediately brands one as an elitist liberal democrat. Mandatory recycling laws may, in the eyes of some, infringe on our liberties and just prove another example of the government’s encroachment on our private lives, regulating even what we can choose to throw out in our own homes. Maybe.

What is not up for debate, however, is litter and waste. Upon taking a lap around the perimeter of Allen’s Meadows early in the evening of Saturday Sept. 16, after a busy day of soccer from a multitude of leagues and ages, just walking a quarter mile along the northern perimeter of the fields, I came across a string of 27 plastic water bottles left on the ground. The majority were still at least half full, with the owner presumably having taken one sip or slug and then dropping it to the ground. This is doubly ironic in light of the school system’s new “zero waste initiative.”

It doesn’t matter if you believe in recycling, don’t want to earn a nickel on a returned bottle, or care about ice caps. The problem is a disdainful attitude of simply leaving trash where it’s convenient, instead of carrying it out. It’s not as if people are being asked to haul out raw sewage – just bring your empty, or partially consumed, Poland Springs bottle with you.

The change in policy for Allen’s Meadows to be a “carry in/carry out” facility is off to an embarrassing start–and has already dramatically increased the volume of trash on the fields. Human nature doesn’t change quickly, and the lack of trash receptacles will only inspire more litter, not a moral obligation of ownership of one’s own waste. People would rather toss their bottle on the grass than bring “trash” into their pristine German SUVs. But please Wilton – show respect for the fields, and for your town. Bring your water bottles home with you. Then do whatever you want with them.

Paul Mazzarulli

3 replies on “Letter: Waste is Not a Political Issue”

  1. Amen to that , Paul. You are right. Have pride in your town and respect the environment. For those who discard on the fields, I ask—would you do the same @ your back yard home after a picnic? Respect the grounds and show civility to others. Easy!

    1. Actually we are being asked to haul raw sewage. Many of our citizens enjoy taking their dog for a walk in our parks, something I do daily. With the removal of our trash bins we are now being asked to walk around with our dog waste, which for me is two miles and then cart it home in one of our pristine German SUVs. I’m sorry for what we pay in property taxes I don’t want to loose any services and I don’t consider a trash bid a luxury. We should be doing all we can to make our parks as convenient as possible so as to encourage people to enjoy them. The reality is the park hosts many sporting events with guests from other towns. These people may not share our concern to keep our Wilton park pristine. Just this past week I was in another town which was using two bins, one for recyclables and one for trash. Perhaps this may be a better solution.

  2. Paul, you were doing pretty good until you felt the urge to make the snide ‘German SUV’ comment ! Was that really necessary? I agree with Ray :: let’s attempt a better system vs. eliminating all trash bins. Maybe we should add some butt bins so the swells in their German SUVs can save their ash trays for their jewels.

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