To the Editor,

We currently have a son in second grade at Miller-Driscoll School. We also have a daughter who will enter Kindergarten in 2015. As parents, we feel it is critically important that the total experience for children at Miller-Driscoll be fully conducive to effective learning in a positive and safe environment. Therefore, we strongly support the proposed plan to improve Miller-Driscoll School. The project has been created utilizing a cost effective and needed plan of implementation to modernize Miller-Driscoll for the benefit of all children. After attending many meetings and learning the details of the project, we are convinced that the building upgrades as presented will provide a more functional and strengthened learning environment.

This building has many basic needs that must be addressed.  This plan includes infrastructure upgrades to the roof, windows, heating ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and technology systems. These upgrades are imperative and cannot be delayed. Additionally, the plan aims to improve energy efficiency, parking and building flow while providing appropriate and dedicated Pre-K space. The plan includes enhanced security measures including the creation of more secure entrances to the school which will increase the safety and welfare of all our children, staff and others.   Finally, the educational benefits of greater programming flexibility and greater functionality of space are added bonuses of the project.

We believe the community has a responsibility to update this school at the proposed, reasonable financial expenditure so that all staff and students can perform at an optimal level for many years in the future. Town leadership has unanimously endorsed this project. We recommend to school parents and other community members that they support this project enthusiastically with a “yes” vote at the Special Town Meeting to be held Sept. 23 or during the adjourned voting on Sept. 27.


Susan and Robert Price