(L-R) McKenna Rooney, Charlotte Halliwell, Reagan Hurley and Annabelle Shultz, with State Rep. Stephanie Thomas. (Photo: GMW/Lori Buchanan Photography)

To the Editor:

If you are local to Wilton and read GOOD Morning Wilton (which I hope you do, because it is the bomb) you probably read the article, “As Residents Push for Official Town Support of LGBTQ+ Pride, BOS Points to Existing Civility Proclamation.”

I had to re-read it 3-4 times as I was in shock and total disbelief. Even though I was on the Board of Selectmen meeting Zoom call for four-plus hours, I still could not believe that a request for a simple proclamation supporting Wilton Pride was turned down at this time with the answer, “No, not now.”

But we don’t need to get into all that right now. What I do want to get into now is how one person helped change the narrative for Wilton Pride.

This one person, a bada** woman, answered the call, got it done and turned the “No, not now” into a “Hell, yeah!”

State Rep. Stephanie Thomas (D-143) and her constituent engagement coordinator Kyle Fishbein, got a State of CT Citation, in co-operation with State Sen. Will Haskell and State Rep. Tom O’Dea, in less than 24 hours. A State of CT Citation is issued by Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz in honor of noteworthy state or local events that deserve special recognition.

Do you know how hard that is to coordinate? Thomas was able to mobilize and turn a negative into a positive by recognizing our local Girl Scout troop’s efforts on the first Wilton Pride event without needing an explanation. She understood that not saying anything means you’re saying something!

Thomas showed the girls that they were being heard by the State of CT and that they were being appreciated, and she acknowledged that they were moving the needle toward a more compassionate, inclusive, future.

Stephanie Thomas, I salute you.

Thank you,

Farah Masani

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  1. Yeh!! Proud that Wilton has done the right thing by its residents in supporting PRIDE, thank you for making this happen!

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