To the Editor:

With respect to the Miller Driscoll School Project, it is laudable that First Selectman [Bill] Brennan has “called for greater collaboration in the future” (according to the Wilton Bulletin Jan. 8), and [has said] for the critics of the Miller Driscoll School Project “‘…to understand project construction facts…and questions will be answered.’”

On the other hand, in that same article he chides “‘Critics who do not know all the facts’” for raising questions. Ergo, would it not make sense for all involved to issue a reprise of “all the facts” regarding ongoing concerns about the project be addressed by Mr. Brennan, with a view towards achieving his goal of greater collaboration?

Within this context, what is missed by Mr. Brennan, in my humble opinion, are the reasons why the project passed with such a narrow margin, and why there are still over 1,000 ‘taxpayers’ who continue to have concerns about the project. Perhaps if there had been greater collaboration by its proponents before the vote, and if the questions that were raised prior to the vote had been answered more completely, very likely there would not be the continuing discord regarding this project.

For example, Mr. Brennan states that critics are making misleading statements when, “‘…one of our citizens assailed the Board of Selectmen and the volunteer building committee at a meeting reported in the press that…the project started as a $5 million project and has ballooned into a $50 million one. It was never a $5 million one.’” So, if the critic was wrong about the $5 million figure, would it not be helpful for Mr. Brennan to state what the original figure was?

With greater harmony in mind,

Thomas Curtin

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  1. To clarify, the original project was envisioned as a roof replacement at 3 million
    and then an HVAC upgrade at 3-4 million.

    Mr. Brennan complains voters are misinformed. He should do a better job of keeping them informed.

    Take a look at the MD Building Committee web site and read the Board’s minutes…sparse info and a huge leap from Mr Brennan’s recommended 30-32 million to 50 million in a few months.

    Any wonder why voter’s are upset?!

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