Letter to the Editor:

Members of the Wilton Garden Club would like to publicly acknowledge and thank the Wilton Kiwanis Club for a recent generous donation to support the Club’s town beautification projects and all the other good things they do to make Wilton a great place to live. They stepped up from the moment they heard about the Wilton’s Golden Miles initiative to celebrate Wilton Garden Club’s centennial; the goal is to plant 15,000 daffodil bulbs in five years. They have not only continued to help finance bulb purchases, but they also got their hands dirty two years in a row by planting them with us. These efforts became evident this past Spring when the town was brightened by the cheery daffodil blooms.

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The contributions of the Kiwanis are not limited to us. At least 21 organizations are positively affected by their generosity. They believe in engaging with many worthy organizations in our community and realize this is an important part of their success, their “secret sauce” as they describe it. They explained it in their June newsletter: “A community is full of interdependencies and ripples. Said simply, we are all in this together — our everyday actions and our shared future. Our relationships are strengthened, and our impact is magnified when we work together; when we collaborate.”

The Wilton Garden Club appreciates all that the Wilton Kiwanis Club does and looks forward to continuing our collaboration with them and other organizations in town, especially with beautification and conservation projects. Wilton Girl Scout troops recently planted bulbs with us and Ambler Farm, the Wilton Congregational Church, Wilton Historical Society, and the Wilton Library have provided places and volunteers to plant daffodils in the last two years, and we thank them as well.

It is evident that the people who live in Wilton have great pride in their town. As the synergy continues, the community is sure to thrive.

The Wilton Garden Club