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Wilton Needs an Authentic Advocate Like Kim Healy

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Wilton resident Kim Healy, who is the Republican endorsed candidate for the 26th State Senate District representing all of Wilton. Anyone familiar with Kim is well aware that her track record of leadership here in Wilton and elsewhere has been authentic and impactful. As the mother of four and a successful businesswoman and civic leader, Kim will make an exceptional state senator who will prioritize us, her constituents, and our schools and our community, rather than an agenda formulated by someone in Hartford. Kim opposes forced or coerced regionalization of Wilton’s schools and will bring an experienced, thoughtful approach to Hartford. Right now, our town needs authentic advocates like Kim. I encourage all Wilton voters to learn more about Kim, and all registered Republican voters to remember to support Kim in the Aug. 11 primary.

Bill Lalor

Some Candidates Already Twisting Facts

To the Editor:

The campaign season is just heating up, and some candidates are already twisting the facts.

In recent literature, both Tom O’Dea, who is running for re-election as representative from the 125th CT District, and Kim Healy who seeks the Republican nomination for the 26th Senate [District] claim the Rainy Day Fund was a 2017 Republican initiative.

In fact, the Rainy Day Fund was updated and improved by Kevin Lembo, the Democratic CT State Comptroller, and his office beginning in 2015. This fund, officially called the “Budget Reserve Fund,” was created to guard against volatility and act as a savings account during economic downturns.

Lembo said in the 2015 press release, “This policy proposal–making changes to the Budget Reserve Fund formula now–will put the State of Connecticut in a better position leading into any future economic downturn, reducing the need for future tax increases and requiring fewer crisis-driven budget cuts.”

Thank you, Kevin Lembo and Gov. Ned Lamont, for protecting the fund against attempted raids over the last several years.

In this election cycle especially, our local candidates will need to stick to real facts in their campaigns.


John Kalamarides