To the Editor:

Now more than ever, Wilton is threatened by external forces. Whether it be taking away up to a million gallons of water per day, to taking away the use of our prized turf fields, or God forbid, taking away our ability to make decisions about our children and our schools, it seems Wilton is facing a constant onslaught of danger that tears at the town’s fabric and endangers its future. Tragically, most of these dangers are coming directly from the State.

This year, Wilton’s citizens and leadership have done much to safeguard Wilton’s identity and that which is important to Wiltonians. Wilton needs more people who understand the town and are willing to protect its resources and its inhabitants.

Sadly, according to Conning, in the last decade, Connecticut’s bond rating, an indicator of the overall health of the state, has slipped by 28 spots, down to #46. Like a drowning man trying to save himself, the State, under Democrat[ic] leadership, has attempted to thrust unsustainable taxes on the towns and inhabitants, which could drown us all.

Wilton has had to fight off a veritable tidal wave of taxes. Any one of which could have had devastating consequences for the town. Take SB 431, proposed by liberal Democrat and President Pro Tem of the State Senate, Martin Looney, which would have established a state property tax (instead of local). If it had been allowed to proceed, it would have meant at least 13% increase to the town’s mill rate or draconian cuts.

In the near future, Wilton will face more fiscal threats and its ability to self-govern freely will be challenged again and again. It will be of the utmost importance to elect individuals who acknowledge the source of the danger, and are not afraid to stand up for us, against Hartford and liberal extremists.


Lisa Pojano