On March 11, First Sel. Lynne Vanderslice and School Superintendent Kevin Smith announced that they were closing Wilton Schools after parents of Wilton students came into close contact with a presumed positive COVID patient.

2:30 p.m.–We’re live with Wilton Schools’ Superintendent Kevin Smith and First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice to find out more about Wilton’s plan to close schools “until further notice.”

UPDATE, 2:25 P.M.–at town hall waiting, Kevin Smith has arrived here and is in with Lynne Vanderslice.

BREAKING NEWS, March 11, 2:10 p.m.–The town and schools just released the following information:

We have been notified that parents of one or more Wilton Public School students have had direct contact with a potentially presumptive positive COVID-19 patient. Out of an abundance of caution, Wilton’s Health Director has ordered the following:

Wilton Public Schools are closed until further notice.

The Town of Wilton’s Comstock Community Center is closed until further notice.

The Trackside Teen Center is closed until further notice.

All sport and other activities involving Wilton public school students are suspended until further notice.

Parents should immediately make arrangements to pick up their children from afterschool care at the WPS and the Comstock Community Center.

Please have children stay home, check temperature two times per day, and call your personal physician if there is a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.

3 replies on “Wilton to Close Schools Until Further Notice–LIVE Video with Kevin Smith & Lynne Vanderslice”

  1. Thank you for this valuable service. Excellent interview and it shows how senior officials should react and lead. Much appreciated!!

  2. TBH, the notion that this is going to only last a few weeks which the schools can therefore make up by canceling spring break / extending school into June seems pretty optimistic at this point. Estimates suggest that infections won’t even peak until early May, and there’s not much point to reopening the schools only to immediately close them again when it turns out that somebody else with coronavirus showed up. By the time it’s safe to reopen we may be well past the point it’ll do any good.

    I’m sorry to say that there’s a pretty good chance that WHS seniors just had their last day of high school; hopefully they’ll manage to reschedule graduation (and related festivities) at least.

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