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Wilton’s Renee Rafferty has worked at Greenwich Hospital for over 18 years. “Wow, that’s a long time!” she writes to GOOD Morning Wilton in an email. But it helps explain why she’s reaching out, to seek GMW‘s help. Rafferty wants to ask a favor of the Wilton community on behalf of her “beloved Greenwich Hospital.”

As a nurse, Rafferty has worked at GH in many different capacities; her current title is Safety and Quality Specialist II. While she’s not working at patients’ bedsides, she supports her colleagues who are in other ways.

Right now, she’s hoping to collect cards from Wilton children, with notes of thanks and support for the healthcare heroes that work there. “Greenwich Hospital felt the impact of the COVID-19 crisis very early and continues to provide extraordinary care in overwhelming circumstances,” Rafferty says.

So much of what these tireless heroes see on the frontline is kept private from the public, but Rafferty still conveys what they’re up against and how fiercely determined and dedicated they are.

“Greenwich Hospital staff are working around the clock every day to care for very sick patients. We have expanded services to meet the needs of Fairfield County and New York.  Hospital staff are dedicated to caring for patients under extraordinary circumstances. When I talk with the nurses and listen to their stories I’m humbled by their bravery and positivity. Anyone walking into the hospital at this time is faced with tragedy and triumph. The work is technical, complex, and emotional. With every challenge these healthcare workers rise above. They do not say, ‘No.’ They do not say, ‘It cannot be done.’ What I’ve heard most often is, ‘We are a team and our patients need us.’ They see a need and respond to it with enthusiasm for the sole purpose of caring for patients and their families. As we are safe at home with our families, healthcare workers put it all on the line to care for us.”

She asking for Wilton residents to consider having children make hand-made cards for the frontline medical workers at Greenwich Hospital. She has set out a bin for dropoff at the end of her driveway at 45 Scarlet Oak Drive, in North Wilton. Rafferty has also volunteered to pick up cards if people cannot leave their homes.

She’s hoping to have “a ton of cards” by this Thursday, April 16.

“They are making our world a better place every minute of the day. I would like for them to know how impactful their dedication is and that we are grateful.”

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  1. Renee, I’m happy to contribute as an adult card maker if you want additional “voices” in the mix. Let me know.

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