Faith Filiaut might have grown up in Wilton, but that doesn’t mean she knows everyone and everything there is to know in town. In search of a way to connect with other women in the community after moving back last year from out of state, she started a group call FAB! Wilton Women.

The website of FAB!–which stands for fabulous, amazing, beautiful–states that the group is meant to help women “feel celebrated and empowered, find personal inspiration, connect with others and open to new ideas and adventures,” as well as “connect in ways that strengthen us as individuals, make our families and communities stronger, and help us balance ourselves in healthy ways.”

“There are lots of organizations out there that support women in business but there’s really nothing locally that nurtures the soul or the spirit, which is just as important,” Filiaut said. 

Filiaut is a special education advocate based in Wilton whose business is called Advocate with Faith. She’s always been interested in how people connect with their communities, whether it’s children and the school community or now women and their friendships and relationships.Over the last year Filliault started to connect with other women, through Facebook, Wilton 411, and smaller, Wilton-based, business network groups. But she felt the need to make it more meaningful, and she believed that other women were likely in the same place.

“I just moved back and I wanted to reconnect to the community. It’s hard–we work, we have our families, and sometimes it’s hard to find time to do things just for ourselves,” she said.

In addition to creating a website and Facebook page for FAB!, Filiault is going to schedule events on the fourth Wednesday evening of every month, always at a woman-owned Wilton business. “It’s for Wilton women held at Wilton businesses. I’d really like to support women-owned businesses, whether it’s yoga, some sort of store, or something similar,” Filiault explained.

The first event will take place this Wednesday, Sept. 25. It be a dinner and interactive discussion called “There’s No Place Like Your Inner Home.”  The dinner will be held at The Schoolhouse at Cannondale, from a prixe fixed menu; after dinner the group will go across the parking lot to Bella & Co, for a discussion with Angela Lowy, a Wilton resident and interior designer who will lead the interactive talk about how lifestyle, emotions and behaviors are all intertwined with our home.

How your family can come together. This is not just about design it’s about our inner self. “It’s not a discussion about interior design, but it’s about the family, and how you connect with one another and how you can strengthen that connection in the home. It’s not about how a new couch in the family room will help, but how the family is together in the family room,” Filiaut said.

Each attendee is responsible for her own dinner check. There is no fee to attend the discussion. You do not need to attend the dinner to be a part of the discussion. The dinner begins at 6:00 p.m. and the discussion is scheduled to start between 7:30-7:45 p.m.. It is open to all women in Wilton  RSVP for dinner by Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 4:00 p.m..

To find out more about FAB! go to