Middlebrook School and Wilton High School students participated in a different kind of educational music experience Wednesday evening, Oct. 23, when they performed at the annual Fall Chorale Concert. As they do each year, the 8th grade chorus class holds its fall concert with the high school chorus students to give the younger students a taste of what performing will be like next year for them at the upper school level when they become 9th graders.

This year, however, all the singers, from 8th grade on up to seniors, were treated to the chance to perform with the band Alternate Routes–and their Wilton parents got to enjoy watching their children on stage with a band that took part in the 2014 Winter Olympics, and appeared on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” among other notable appearances and achievements.

The band first performed in the Wilton Public Schools convocation for staff and teachers this past August, inspiring a partnership between the group and Wilton educators (bridged by two members of Alternate Routes–Ian Tait and Chris Johnson–who also teach music in the district). Kudos to teachers Susan Kelly, Janet Nobles and Kevin Cotellese, for making last night’s performances melding the students with the pros so memorable and special.

The finale featured both schools’ combined choruses singing the band’s song, “Nothing More,” which lead singer Tim Warren told the audience had been written following the Sandy Hook shooting, as part of an effort to inspire hope and kindness through music.

Enjoy this very special performance: