The Miller-Driscoll Renovation project is underway, and just yesterday, Thursday, Aug. 20, Turner Construction oversaw the installation of the portable classrooms on the southern end of the campus. The six modular classrooms were brought in on trailers and⎯weighing in at 55-60,000 pounds each⎯were lifted by an 158 ton crane into place and attached onto the concrete pylons and fittings.

Connected, the modules will create their own wing linked to the school by a fully-enclosed corridor that is also being built now. The classrooms will be temperature controlled, fitted with electricity and plumbing, and will look and feel very much like the classrooms the kids are already used to. In fact, says Miller-Driscoll building chair Bruce Hampson, the 2nd grade students who will eventually move into the temporary classrooms after the winter break will likely consider themselves the lucky ones because the portables are so new and different.

Hampson also emphasized just how complicated and complex the project is when he spoke with on-site yesterday, but also took a moment of pride to reach this point after a planning stage that took several years.

“Two-hundred and twenty sheets of plans and 150 sheets of specifications, and to see it all come together within a fraction of an inch is so exciting. I’ve done this my whole career but I never lose the excitement.”

We’ve been documenting the construction changes that have been taking place at Miller-Driscoll this summer, as the project was prepped, and you can see our recent photo coverage here and here.

Today we’ve got photos and video. Enjoy!

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