Mondays = Money Days for Wilton Stores

The phrase “Shop Local” means a lot for local retailers and residents alike. When the storefronts stay populated with locally-owned businesses, residents have more shopping options, local business owners who live here do well, and our town becomes more attractive to new residents. We all win.

So on Monday each week, GOOD Morning Wilton will highlight a local business we encourage you to visit and support with your dollars. It’s like a weekly cash-mob, or what we’re calling “Monday Money Mob.” Please consider stopping by and checking out what the retailer-of-the-week has to offer, and tell your friends if you like what you see. Better yet, consider buying something and telling your friends where they can get one just like it!

We welcome suggestions for “Monday Money Mob” retailers. Email your tips to, especially if there’s a Wilton business you know is struggling. As a community, we all benefit from supporting the local business base.