To the Editor,

I am so glad that Wilton is considering the proposed Proclamation in support of inclusion, tolerance and civility! I wholeheartedly support this Proclamation. It is an important statement for our town to make at this time when our country is so divided. In addition, the Proclamation is particularly timely since white supremacist flyers were distributed in Wilton earlier this week. As a community we need to come together to speak out against the hateful message in those flyers. This Proclamation supporting tolerance and diversity does exactly that. It sends a very strong message to residents and visitors that our community rejects hate and embraces diversity.


Pat Hoeg

To the Editor:

I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who helped draft and create the Tolerance Proclamation that was presented to the BoS on Feb. 6. Having worked with youth and families for the past 22 years as the director of teen services for a neighboring Youth Council, I have seen firsthand what happens when people do not feel included, welcomed, valued and/or respected and I can assure you that the repercussions are not positive and, in fact, often detrimental. I would like to submit that the proposed statement even go beyond “tolerance,” which is a first step in supporting communities that want to authentically establish mutual, genuine respect and empathy for all. It is my opinion that the goal should be to help foster an environment and a community that is rooted in deep appreciation for cultural (and countless other) differences and that each member of our community feel valued for the unique characteristics that he/she intrinsically brings to enrich and enhance this special town called Wilton. This is an incredible opportunity to strengthen and grow our community.

Most sincerely,

Casey Carlucci DeCola, LMSW, CASAC-T
Principal, Mindful Global Citizens