“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.” – W.R. Purche

We couldn’t agree more! At Passage East Kennels, we’ve been getting to know and love Wilton’s furry family members for the past two decades, and each new friend we meet has their own unique story. In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we’re partnering with GOOD Morning Wilton to share some of these stories with readers and to honor the human-animal bond that changes so many of our lives for the better.

For our first pet feature, it’s our pleasure to introduce the overwhelmingly adorable Bodhi and Hannah. This dynamic duo is an unstoppable force of cuteness and limitless source of joy and love for their humans, long-time town residents and dog lovers Kaki (Wilton born and raised!) and Barney Hughes.

While Hannah was born deaf and is nearly blind–congenital defects resulting from illegal, double-merle breeding–this eight-year-old rescue has no problem keeping up with her wiggly one-and-a-half year old brother and reminding him who’s the boss (hint: it’s her)! Bodhi’s huge personality and enthusiasm for life cannot be contained even by his giant lab body, which is part of the reason he wiggles so much.

Read on to learn more about these special dogs and please email us if you’d like your pets featured in an upcoming column!

Names & Breeds: Bodhi (white lab) and Hannah (double merle–part Aussie mix)

How we met Hannah (from Kaki): “Hannah was my savior during my divorce. I had lost a Clumber Spaniel suddenly and we missed him so much, as did our rescue Greyhound, Mae. My two younger sons and I went to PAWS and it was love at first sight. She just looked at all of us with those beautiful blue eyes and sweet disposition, and we knew we had another family member to love!”

How we met Bodhi (Kaki & Barney): “Bodhi is Bodhilicious! He came to us quite unexpectedly. We were dealing with a tragic loss and had applied for a lab over a year earlier. I phoned the breeder just to get an update on a long waitlist and she decided to give us Bodhi instead of keeping him. We flew to Atlanta and couldn’t believe our blessing that had arrived! He was this huge, bundle of fluff, who captured our hearts instantly. He is Mr. Personality!”

Where you can find them: ”We walk to the town easement on the Black property off Olmstead Hill. They love the trails and fields. Pure joy! We love it just as much and has become a daily routine that we all enjoy.”

A few of their favorite things: “Hannah loves to nap on the guest room bed that looks out over Olmstead Hill. Bodhi loves all food and has a favorite large stuffed ‘Lamb Chop’ that he regularly sleeps with and then destroys–Amazon loves us! “

Sibling shenanigans: “Hannah and Bodhi are best of friends, although Hannah rules the roost! She tortures him daily by waiting to eat her dinner until after he is finished. Bodhi sits sad faced and drooling beside her, in hopes of a tiny morsel.

“They play tug of war and love chasing each other around the house. If Bodhi is playing tug of war with us, she dives underneath him biting his legs so that he collapses. I’m not sure who likes it more…it makes us laugh each time.”

Fun Facts: “Hannah turns into the Tasmanian Devil until she can smell you and feel you are a welcome guest! Bodhi has gone for the paper every day since he was 9 weeks old!”

Why they’re our best friends: “We cannot imagine life without our two fur pups. They wake us every morning happy and wiggling to say good morning; a great way to start our day! They constantly make us laugh, give us hugs and kisses, and make our rough days better. They wait for us on our mudroom sofa each time we leave only to discover they are still there waiting when we return (with toys, licks, and love). We feel so blessed to have them in our lives!”

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