Just one night before their terms of office officially began, Wilton’s newly elected officials were sworn Tuesday evening, Nov. 30, at a ceremony held in the Wilton Library Brubeck Room. Town clerk Lori Kaback administered the oath of office to each of the volunteers, grouped by board or commission. After being sworn in, each official then signed for a copy of the Town Charter and the Code of Ethics book.

The ceremony is co-hosted by the Republican Town Committee and Democratic Town Committee, in a non-partisan display of co-operation. Wilton DTC chair Tom Dubin reiterated the effort to put politics aside and celebrate what the spirit of dedicated volunteerism contributes to Wilton.

“It makes me realize that we all agree on the ultimate goal. We disagree on how to get there sometimes, but we agree that Wilton is special. That our Board of Selectmen is charged with making sure we thrive economically culturally, commercially, without losing any of that specialness. We recognize that our schools, our Board of Ed, we all agree we want it to be as excellent as possible for every individual student, and that they’re prepared for the 21st century,” Dubin told the crowd.

He continued to underscore how Wilton residents align regardless of political party, and said residents are confident in the people elected to office.

“I know that all my friends are excited to see the people who have become elected, feel comfortable that our town is in some really good hands. So I wish the best for all of our elected officials,” Dubin said, adding, “The commitment to our town is what will keep us in the best position for the future.”

His counterpart at the RTC, Peter Wrampe, spoke to the candidates who weren’t elected, as he said, “ran and didn’t make it.”

“It took courage and grit to expose themselves to, I will say, six to eight weeks of painstaking work, heartaches, and elation and discipline. I wish them all the success the next time around. Don’t give up. There will be another day, another victory to celebrate.”

After the swearing in, the new officials were then left to socialize with family and friends, on a lighthearted night before begining their work leading Wilton forward.

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