The Norwalk River Valley Trail (NRVT), Norwalk River Watershed Association (NRWA) and Pollinator Pathway project have partnered to plant a new grove of nine trees at the Autumn Ridge trail head. The tree species in the new grove include tupelo, pin oak and swamp white oak.

The new grove is part of the continuing effort by the organizations to strengthen the environmental health of the native ecosystem.

Louise Washer, president of the NRWA, said the plantings will help fend off invasive types of other plants. “We are hoping shade from the new trees will help in the fight to eradicate the invasive Japanese knot weed growing around the trail head.”

Liz Craig, with the Pollinator Pathway project, added that the new grove will have an impact beyond plant life. “The trees will be a good addition to the Pollinator Pathway and provide food and shelter for birds, bees and butterflies. Oak trees support over 530 types of butterflies and moths and are a key component of any pollinator garden.”

Like other elements related to the NRVT, this particular effort benefitted from the community’s generosity, what the NRVT’s Charlie Taney said “…is really something.”

“In just two days, our donors stepped up and provided the funds to buy and plant this new tree grove. Pretty impressive,” he added.

Complete information on the NRVT, and the opportunity to make a donation, can be found on the organization’s website.