The New York Times ran a profile of Wilton in its “Real Estate” section on Wednesday, Feb. 18.  In an article titled, “In Wilton, Conn., Historic Homes and Fine Schools,” the newspaper reinforces the long-held perception that people buy homes in Wilton mostly because of the schools.

The writer, Lisa Prevost, quotes Wilton resident Heather Mah, who moved to Wilton one year ago with her husband Christopher. Prevost writes that the couple found a house in town that they loved, but say, “‘it was really the schools that sold us.’”

Prevost recognized Wilton’s “high-performing school system” and called it “a nexus of community life,” acknowledging that it can help put Wilton above other regional towns, even when access to the Long Island Sound and more convenient train stops are factors. She also writes that home prices are better in Wilton that in neighboring Westport, Darien and New Canaan, even if the property tax rates are higher.

The Times piece does reference the recent battle between Sensible Wilton and town officials over the Miller-Driscoll Renovation Bonding referendum. First selectman Bill Brennan is mentioned as saying that the vote was “‘valid’” and that the project is moving forward.

Of course, what’s also included are the large lots spread out, handsome historic homes and stone walls, Wilton’s Bow Tie Cinemas, the Wilton Family Y, Rolling Hills Country Club and Weir Farm.

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