This column is a regular contribution from Wilton Newcomers Club president Tara Thompson.

If I’m being honest, moving to Wilton was practically a whim. I was dying to get off Long Island and my husband, Stephen, had grown up in Fairfield County. I’d never even heard of Wilton until someone in New Canaan suggested it, while Stephen vaguely remembered swimming against the Wahoos as a kid but didn’t know anything about the town itself. And yet, one year after walking into our first Open House, we were in the process of packing up the kids and everything we owned, hoping Wilton would be a place we wanted to live.

As the day the moving truck would arrive loomed closer, I was filled with doubts. Not that I could have backed out at that point–the house was sold, the dishes were packed–but just like at the end of my first pregnancy when I finally realized the baby had to come out somehow, I was starting to panic. What had I done? Was I really going to uproot my family just because, after a few scenic drives through lush country roads, Wilton seemed like a nice place to live? What about the people? Would they be as appealing as the foliage?

Two weeks before Moving Day, I drove up from Long Island at the invitation of my real estate agent, the lovely Dianne DeWitt, to attend the Wilton Women’s Club Fashion Show Fundraiser at Rolling Hills Country Club. As the miles clicked by, I told myself, This was my chance! I was going to be at a fashion show with 150 women living in Wilton. By the time I got back in my car, I just knew I’d have made a new friend or two!

Well, it was a wonderful luncheon, and I met several of Dianne’s friends and fellow realtors seated at our table, but no one with whom I might have arranged a playdate. However, I discovered that RHCC was hosting another event a few hours later, this one for the Wilton Newcomers Club. Aha, I thought–another chance!

It didn’t occur to me that I should have probably registered for the event, nor was I aware that it was billed as a “Couple’s Social.” I just crossed my fingers the Newcomers wouldn’t mind if I crashed their party.

Luckily, they couldn’t have been nicer to me. I met women with kids my age and men with whom I knew my husband would enjoy playing golf. No one was pretentious or aloof, and they all loved living in Wilton. I got the scoop on what after-school activities might appeal to my son, what dance studio had the least intense recitals, plus where to go for date night. Interestingly enough, it seemed as if every other person I met was a fellow Long Island escapee. Afterwards, as I was driving back to a house bursting with half-full cardboard boxes, I realized two things:  first, I was going to like living in Wilton too. And second, I needed to join both Wilton Newcomers and Rolling Hills.

Two years later, I know that moving to Wilton was a stroke of great luck, and this Saturday June 6 from 6-10 p.m., Rolling Hills will once again be rolling out the red carpet for the Club’s Spring Social. We decided to hold the event a little later than usual in the season to enjoy the beautiful veranda overlooking the golf course. There will be passed hors d’oevres, food stations and a fully stocked open bar. Kids ages 4-and-up (must be potty trained) will enjoy their own party in the RHCC on-site Kids Club, including dinner, dessert, craft and a movie. (Believe it or not, Rolling Hills does this every Friday and Saturday, and the kids beg to go each week.) Space is limited to the first 50 children, so sign up immediately as there are only a few spots remaining.

And the best part of our Spring Social–it’s not just for Newcomers! We love to mix and mingle with friends and neighbors. So whether you’re a current member, alumni, someone who’s interested in joining WNC or discovering what Rolling Hills has to offer, why not rsvp for a fabulous party (tickets are $30/person) and make some new friends? Head on over to our Wilton Newcomers Club website and register today!