BREAKING NEWS, Monday, June 5, 11:45 a.m.–Wilton Police have issued an alert about a bear in the area of the Norwalk River Valley Trail in the area of Raymond Lane.

Police are not planning to close the trail at the present time, nor have there been reports of the bear approaching any people.

The department did issue tips from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection about what to do if you encounter a bear while hiking:

Bears normally leave an area once they have sensed a human. If you see a bear, enjoy it from a distance. Aggression by bears towards humans is exceptionally rare.

DO make your presence known by making noise while hiking. Hike in groups. If you see a bear, make enough noise and wave your arms so the bear is aware of your presence.

DO keep dogs on a leash and under control. A roaming dog might be perceived as a threat to a bear or its cubs.

DO back away slowly if you surprise a bear nearby.

DON’T approach or try to get closer to a bear to get a photo or video.

DON’T run or climb a tree. If possible, wait in a vehicle or building until the bear leaves the area.

DO be offensive if the bear approaches you. Make more noise, wave your arms, and throw objects at the bear. Black bears rarely attack humans. If you are attacked, do not play dead. Fight back with anything available.

The photo accompanying this article was sent to us this past weekend by Wilton resident Tina Gardner, who spotted a bear in her backyard late on Saturday afternoon, feeding on bird seed in the bird feeders she had set out. The bear had been wandering in the area of Thistle and Heather Lanes.