Wilton Gap to Close July 26

The rumors are, sadly, true—the Wilton Gap at 21 River Rd. is closing for good. Their last day open will be Sunday, July 26.


A store manager confirmed that the Wilton location is one of 175 stores the retail chain will be closing, 140 of them between now and January.

Tom Sato, owner of the nearby Wilton Hardware, is hopeful another retail store (or stores if the space is split) will move into the space.

“What store specifically is a harder question but a clothing store that focuses on both women and men since without the Gap there isn’t a lot for men in the town. Or a gift shop but I realize that Blue Tulip and Boyds before them were gift shops in town that closed. But it is important for the town center to maintain a variety of stores/services that the residents of Wilton need and will shop so I will be supportive of whoever moves in the space. I know that the town has been great in shopping at Wilton Hardware since we opened,” Sato said.

Despite a sign saying "We're Hiring," the Wilton Gap is closing at the end of July.
Despite a sign saying “We’re Hiring,” the Wilton Gap is closing at the end of July.

Kick for Nick Needs Sports Gear Donations

Kick for Nick is looking for donations of any type of used sports gear (as long as it is useable), say organizers. Items they need:  uniforms, jerseys, shorts, socks, cleats, etc. They can even use lacrosse and football cleats and jerseys, as well as basketball jerseys too.

There are two locations Kick for Nick is sending items that are collected:  one is a Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan, and the other is Djibouti, Africa, where the organization is working with U.S. Military & United Nations personnel.

Donations can be dropped at 35 Signal Hill Rd. or at the Wilton American Legion Post 86 at 112 Old Ridgefield Rd., either in the flag box near the ball net or inside the door during weekday work hours.