There’s a new family that has moved into Wilton, but it’s a little different than other families in town. That’s because it’s yellow and made out of metal.

On Friday morning, June 26, town officials dedicated “Konnected,” a piece depicting a mother and child from sculptor Carole Eisner, at its new temporary home across from Stop & Shop Plaza on River Rd.. It’s the second sculpture that has been installed in Wilton Center as part of the town’s Municipal Art Program, and it will be in that spot for the next year. The piece is on loan to Wilton from the Silvermine Arts Center.

First selectman Bill Brennan, who has championed the sculpture program, said he was excited to have this new artwork, a piece which the artist described as showing a mother and child together.

“We’re delighted. This is a very popular area for walking and it gives some interest to our town. They’re interesting accents to our community. And sculpture makes you think,” he said.

Eisner said she created the piece from leftover scraps she found in her studio, and when she put them together she loved what she saw. “It developed into a family. I decided to paint it yellow to brighten it up and emphasize the abstract part of it,” she said, adding that she was thrilled her work was chosen to be placed right on Wilton’s main street.

Brennan said he’s already heard from many residents about Konnected. “I’ve gotten very good feedback.”

Brennan pointed out that the location was chosen both for its visibility as well as its proximity to the underground electrical conduit, which allowed two in-ground lights to be installed to illuminate the sculpture at night and make it easy to be seen so pedestrians won’t accidentally trip on it.

While Eisner’s piece will only stay for one year, the sculpture’s base and lighting are permanent, so that Wilton can install other pieces there on a temporary basis. It’s part of the municipal arts program strengthened with an ongoing relationship with Silvermine Arts Center.

“It’s a great collaboration with the Silvermine Arts Guild, that has made this possible, at no cost to the town,” Brennan said.

Jeff Mueller, the gallery director at Silvermine Arts Center, said that relationship helps further the Center’s mission.

“Art should be part of your daily life. It shouldn’t be just for the hours that a building is open or closed. You can engage with it with your morning walk, with your evening moment of contemplation. We’re really excited to create those opportunities for people. Art isn’t outside of your life, it’s part of your life,” he said.


Eisner’s work is currently on exhibit at the Silvermine Art Guild. Mueller hopes people will see the works at Sivlermine and be inspired to visit Wilton, and vice versa. “It’s a great symbiotic relationship, promoting art and the culture of our region, and the things that are going on here.”

Brennan added that he sees the municipal arts program as part of Wilton’s economic development.

“We’re just trying to make the town a little better, and make this part of the economic development, to bring people to the town in a way to make it more interesting. Shop in Wilton, buy in Wilton, eat in Wilton, enjoy yourself in Wilton,” he said.

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