One Year Later–Video Interview with Wilton’s First COVID-19 Patient, Chris Tillett

One year ago, today, Wilton learned that the state’s first COVID-19 patient was one of its own residents. The announcement was the start of an unprecedented year of facing the uncharted waters of the pandemic that locally has taken 49 lives–and caused over 525,000 deaths in the US–and 2.59 million around the globe.

Chris Tillett is that man considered Connecticut’s “patient zero.” He and his wife, Elizabeth, and their twin infant boys, were at the center of the beginning of COVID-19’s trajectory that brought at first fear, followed quickly by Wilton’s characteristic search for a way to rally around neighbors in need.

Tillett was hospitalized and spent 10 days on a ventilator and in a coma fighting for his life. GOOD Morning Wilton spoke with him on the one-year anniversary of the announcement about what he remembers, what his experience was like, and what’s happened in the days since he achieved a status no one wanted to have–and survived.


  1. Such a great story and I’m so happy to hear Chris is well. Thank you Chris for sharing your story. Our family in Weston prayed for you and your family during that tie. I think you had all of CT praying for you. All the best. Rose.

  2. Thank you, Heather, for such an excellent and in-depth interview with Chris. Your questions were so on-point, and your interviewing skills are excellent. I hope you win an award for this interview. For Chris and his family, I am so happy to learn that all has turned out well for them, and I wish them all well.

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