State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-43)

A taxpayer recently asked me a simple question.

He asked, “Why does it take more than three months to schedule my daughter’s driver’s license test with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles?”

It was the latest of many stories I have heard from Connecticut residents who are frustrated with the DMV’s software upgrades.

The upgrades cost you, the taxpayer, $25 million. Since the upgrades were rolled out in August, the drumbeat of negative news stories has been steady:

  • Wait times tripled.
  • Residents report taking a day or even days off of work to complete their transactions.
  • People are being put into legal limbo because DMV is not keeping up with insurance changes and is unregistering vehicles.

It seems that each week we are going further down the rabbit hole at DMV. Agency officials apologize, and apologize again. We wonder what we will see in the news next week. As your state senator, I wonder what new problems frustrated taxpayers will bring to my attention.

But apologies from state government officials only go so far. Nearly five months have gone by.

I am demanding accountability, and answers.

  • I have called for legislative hearings to examine why the wait times are still so lengthy, and why the online listing of those times are so often inaccurate.
  • I am calling for an audit of the DMV. The audit will focus on the vendor that implemented the software upgrade.

We deserve to know why this failure has occurred. We must review if other states have experienced similar failures and how they addressed them. Do we need to cut our losses now and scrap this new system entirely?

I urge residents to continue to contact me by email and at 800.842.1421 with their DMV stories and frustrations. I will be leading the Republican effort to get you the answers you deserve.

And I make no apologies for that.

One reply on “Boucher OP-ED: Down the Rabbit Hole with CT DMV”

  1. Toni, If there was an award for “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” you would win every week! With all due respect, where were you when the plans for the DMV upgrades were being created and developed? Instead of calling for another investigation into the circumstances perhaps you should share with your constituents (we the taxpayers) how you put forward your suggestions and recommendations for the new system. In the past, you have been the first to criticize Metro-North for their many faults and you invariably called for investigations following most incidents. How have your investigations and finger-pointing improved conditions for commuters over the last 20+ years which coincidentally matches your representation in Hartford? We need leaders not politicians who do nothing but grandstand.

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