Democrats know that progress can be achieved together, for everyone. That requires returning to the optimistic sense of possibility that is a hallmark of America, and turning away from the chaos, resentments, and frank ineptitude of the Trump administration.

The path to restoring unity, decency, and our place in the world is with the calm, competent leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Wilton Democrats enthusiastically support the Biden/Harris team for real progress on healthcare; rejoining international alliances and environmental pacts; finally moving forward with infrastructure investments; insisting on racial justice; ensuring ballot access and educational opportunity; reclaiming Barack Obama’s employment and economic trends that Trump inherited; protecting our environment and hard-fought rights for women and the LGBTQ community. And of course, COVID-19:  it’s time for a president who leads by example and who embraces science and medical fact.

Congressman Jim Himes has distinguished himself in Washington. He works with both sides of the aisle, bringing a common-sense approach to solving the problems Connecticut residents face every day. On the House Intelligence Committee, he works to keep our country safe. On the House Financial Services Committee, he works to encourage economic growth and secure jobs for the middle class. His priorities include protecting the civil rights of all Americans, supporting education, technological growth, and science, and creating opportunities for Connecticut.

Senator Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas strike the precise balance that Wilton and Fairfield County value. They stand strongly for Democratic principles on social issues while insisting on fiscal responsibility and local say on local matters like education and zoning.  Haskell has established himself as a thought leader and consensus builder in Hartford, and Thomas will bring her deep experience as a small business owner to support local entrepreneurs.

Senator Haskell led last year’s successful fight against school regionalization. He was the first legislator to oppose regionalization publicly. He advocated strongly and effectively and was a constant voice for Wilton with legislative leaders and the Governor. Together with a groundswell from other Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters, the bills were defeated without ever coming to a vote. Senator Haskell and Ms. Thomas stand equally for local control of zoning. The vast majority agree with the goal of increasing the choice of housing types, and Wilton is moving thoughtfully in that direction.

Connecticut Democrats are turning around our state’s fiscal challenges. Democrats have grown the state’s rainy-day-fund to an unprecedented $3.1 billion and paid down old pension obligations by an extra $70 million. The fund is the saving grace that will keep us moving ahead through the economic challenges of COVID-19. Thankfully Democrats resisted the Republicans’ raid on that fund for road repair and will continue to advocate for tolls on out-of-state cars and trucks. Connecticut Democrats are doing the serious work. Total state payroll has steadily decreased and is now less than 80% of 2015’s payroll, and Haskell opposed raises for state employees that he found unwarranted.

Haskell co-sponsored three gun bills that are now law; he and Ms. Thomas are recognized by Mothers Demand Action. He fought for paid family leave and the Time’s Up Act which lengthens the statute of limitations for sexual harassment and assault. Haskell supported insurance reforms that now expand access to breast health and remove co-pays and deductibles for mammograms; he and Ms. Thomas are endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Other endorsements come from the Sierra Club for both, CT Realtors for Haskell, and Connecticut’s Uniformed Fire Fighters for Thomas.

Wilton’s Democrats enthusiastically support Biden, Harris, Himes, Haskell, and Thomas. Please join us to repair our country and to keep Connecticut moving forward together.