Andrea Topalian of Moments by Andrea Photography is a contributing photographer for GOOD Morning Wilton, who contributes a regular photo essay series about life in Wilton as seen through her lens. Today, she shows us what she loves about Wilton Center. It’s almost as if we’re new visitors getting a look at the charming village for the first time. Take a look at what caught her eye.

I moved to Wilton in 2001. I remember when we were thinking about moving here from Norwalk and my husband (who grew up in Weston) took me to Wilton Center for the first time. I had been up and down Rte. 7 (I don’t know how many times) and I had no idea there was a town center with business, stores and restaurants!

We turned off of Rte. 7 to Rte. 33 and again down onto Center St.. You should have seen my face! I felt as if I were Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole! I couldn’t believe what an adorable and picturesque New England village was hidden right off of busy Rte. 7!

Driving through town sealed the deal. We began our house hunt and soon found ourselves in a 1913 farm house where we would start our family.

Fast forward 14 years and I’m more in love with Wilton than ever. Since moving here we have had three kids, lived in two homes and I’ve even grown a successful portrait photography business. Moving to Wilton, CT to raise our family was the best decision we could have made! I have to say that Wilton has grown and developed so much in the past decade and plans are in the works for so much more. It gets better every year!

There is no hiding my enthusiasm for everything Wilton has to offer. In this photo essay I give a quick tour of our town center with some of the stores and restaurants. Most are images I took on a walkabout one afternoon with Janeen Leppert, the executive director of the Wilton Chamber of Commerce. Our only goal was to get a cover image for the new Wilton Chamber Directory but we got so much more!

It was just an hour (while my son was in karate at Shaolin Studios) but we managed to photograph so much. We even got to spend some time talking to a few of our very friendly business owners who all were excited to see Janeen walk in their doors.

Stay tuned for more photo essays highlighting all that Wilton offers its residents and visitors alike!

Certified professional photographer Andrea Topalian is a Wilton resident since 2001, a Wilton mom since 2003 and a Wilton family portrait photographer since 2006 ( 

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