Today debuts a new GOOD Morning Wilton photo essay series with contributing photographer, Andrea Topalian of Moments by Andrea Photography. We’re eager to show you Wilton through her lens, and can’t wait to see what catches her eye. 

Back to school time! You can hear the moms cheering and the kids moaning. It was looming in the distance until yesterday, “Meet the Teacher Day” when it all became reality!

I brought my extra camera along with me for the ride as I accompanied two of my three kids to their schools to meet their teachers (and more so to see their friends). We already visited the third child’s teacher this week so we skipped Cider Mill and just went to Miller-Driscoll and Middlebrook. The energy was palpable, nerves, excitement, sadness and joy. Actually I think all emotions were present if you counted the parents, the staff and the kids. As a parent of a 7th grader this was an all too-familiar ritual that started in the 2s at Zion’s Hill Preschool 10 years ago. It really is amazing how fast time flies! It’s milestones like this that make you realize it most!

Andrea Topalian is a Wilton resident since 2001, a Wilton mom since 2003 and a Wilton family portrait photographer since 2006 (

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