A large tree toppled onto a home at 165 Drum Hill Rd. during the snowstorm on Sunday, Feb. 12, causing extensive damage.

According to News 12, there were no injuries reported and no one was inside the home at the time because it was undergoing renovations.

UPDATE:  Town historian Bob Russell emailed us this morning with some fascinating info on the Drum Hill Rd. house. The house damaged in the storm is pre-revolutionary, dating from 1770. It was once the home of Moses Stuart, a prominent Biblical scholar in the early 19th century (page 149 in Russell’s comprehensive book on the history of Wilton). Later it was the home of the Knauth family, including Dr. Marjorie Knauth, a PhD and physician who practiced in NYC and in Wilton during WWII (page 389). She was a granddaughter of Lucretia Mott, who was the first woman in this country to earn a PhD.

Photo credit:  Lisa Aznaran