We’re starting a new feature, a Photo of the Day. And what a perfect one to start with–a before and after shot of a demolition of the house at 385 Danbury Rd.. The building was torn down on Friday morning, March 21.

The house and the property were sold to Debbie and Edward Lee, who will be building a daycare center and preschool that’s part of the Goddard School network. It’s been in the planning for months, and they’ve been working hard at meeting all the requirements and requests made of them by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Ms. Lee told GMW that they hope to have the school open by early fall.

According to Wilton town planner Robert Nerney, the building had been abandoned “for a good number of years.” It had seen its share of break-ins, and given the structural deterioration, any restoration likely “would be futile.  It’s safe to say it was beyond repair.”